Taymur Mirza

Head of  School

My philosophy of education is similar to that of the International Baccalaureate Organisation (IBO). It is about building a global community, about social justice, about peace, “about learning to live together”. In my opinion this shared moral and social purpose of education embodies in it the many other purposes of education including the end of making money for a better family life. Fortunately at the time of founding The International School in 1996, the IBO Middle Years Programme (MYP) for students aged 11 to 16 years and the High School Diploma Programme for students aged 16 to 18 years was at offer for internationally minded schools like The International Schools. My team and I were able, by October of that year, to be authorised by IBO to offer the MYP. The process of convincing IBO of our commitment and readiness was intensive but successful. Subsequently in due course of time we were authorised for the IB Diploma and registered with Cambridge International Examination and Edexcel International (2004). Since then to now we are the first and only IB World School in Pakistan.I have experienced the role of an IB Assistant Examiner (4651) for IB Mathematical Studies (1999 to today); IB MYP Mathematics Guide Writer (1999); IB MYP Authorisation Visit Team Member (India – 1999, Thailand – 2007), IB MYP Homo Faber Presenter (2000), IB MYP Mathematics Workshop leader (2000), Five-Year Diploma Evaluation Review Team Member (2006), DP Authorisation Visit Trainee (2006), presenter at the IBAP Annual Conference (2006) and CIS school evaluation team member.

Saima Akram

Muzna Akbar

Middle Years Programme Coordinator

Salam I have been associated with The International School since 2017 and during this time, I have had the privilege to experience the Middle Year Programme as well as the Diploma Coordinator as part of the Art and Design faculty as well as the Head of Department for the same. My experience as a Coordinator began since my first day at the school as CAS Coordinator and has allowed me to develop an understanding of creating a range of experiences which are centred around fostering international mindedness. As I assume the role of the MYP Coordinator, I aim to use this to develop student agency within the classroom capacity whilst focusing on experiential learning in an environment where student learning is becoming more dynamic especially in light of Covid.

I recognise that my responsibility first and foremost is to be a bridge between the parents and students and the teachers. It is critical for me to listen and try to incorporate suggestions of the TIS community so that we can better prepare students for the next stages in their personal and academic journey.

Abdul Rehman

Abdul Rehman Khatri


In 2003, I joined TIS as an office assistant and continued my post graduate studies in Business Administration from Mohammad Ali Jinnah University. In 2006, I graduated with an MBA to commence my responsibilities as teacher of the IB Diploma Business & Management & Religion courses at the middle school section, extended essay co-ordination and managing the office of the Registrar. For my role, above, I have attended numerous IB related workshops in school and in Singapore. My aim is to be a resourceful and innovative instructor who strives to add value to not only students’ academics but over-all achievements. I strongly believe in supporting my colleagues in administration and in facilitating each student’s social and intellectual growth by creating an atmosphere of mutual respect and open communication. Perhaps this is the reason for my being selected as “Teacher of students’ choice” in 2007, 2008 & 2009. Following my success in teaching the Programme, I was selected as an IB Business and Management examiner. My philosophy of “encouragement of socialisation and team spirit” creates relations to motivate students to make learning an enjoyable part of their lives.


Fehmeena Karim

Primary Years Programme Coordinator

I have joined TIS in the capacity of PYP coordinator. My association with IB as a parent and as a teacher has been a passionate one. My eight years experience as an IB teacher has groomed me to think globally and be a lifelong learner. IB philosophy is based on student-centered learning with real-life experiences. Primary Years Programme at IB use the natural curiosity and wonderings of students to find out more about the world around them. I believe IB is the futuristic vision of education because it aims to prepare learners to survive, thrive, and make a mark in a dynamic and constantly changing globalized world. IB not only focuses on content but skills-based development to access, sort, and make effective use of information available. In this globalized economy, where classrooms, teaching, and environment are diverse, IB teaches students to utilize this diversity for the common benefit of all and be the drivers of change. I have done my Masters in Business Administration from the Institute of Business Management, and am pursuing my Masters in Education from IB accredited University of the People. Being a versatile learner, I firmly advocate that learning never ends and one should keep on assimilating knowledge with a growth mindset. I am excited to work in my new role to share my experiences and learn from collaboration with my team to allow maximum opportunities for the growth of our learners at TIS.


Sheril Anthony


Although my five years of experience in Education Administration has well prepared me for my role as Administrator at The International School, I am grateful for this opportunity to be a member of the TIS family, as I have found IB to be a very exciting and invigorating system. I firmly believe that it is the future face of education in our country and I am hopeful that my new position will enhance my leadership skills, so that I too, am able to carry forward the flag of the IB philosophy!