Parents are required to submit the following documents to the Admissions Office. Please note that all documents must be completed in English and/or translated into English. These include:

Stage I: Documentation

The Admissions Office acknowledges receipt of the application form, communicates any omissions in the admissions package and schedules a placement assessment. The application can only proceed if ALL the accompanying documents have been included. Following the placement test, an interview will be scheduled for prospective parents and applicant(s) with the respective department’s Admissions Committee. The Admissions Committee in each programme consists of the Registrar, Programme Coordinator and a teacher.

Documentation Programmes
S. No. Description PYP MYP DP
1 Application form
2 Medical form
3 Psychological Assessment Report (where applicable)
4 Birth Certificate or Passport (copies)
5 Parent’s Form “B”, Passport and CNIC (copies)
6 Academic records ( at least last 2 years)
7 Language profile survey
8 Signed copy of Terms of Payment Agreement
9 School transfer certificate
10 Two passport size photographs
11 Signed copy of Code of Conduct
12 Teacher / Counsellor evaluation or recommendations
13 Essays and short responses
14 IB MYP subject selection form
15 IB DP subject selection form

Stage II: Evaluation

Following the review of the submitted documents, an evaluation date will be forwarded by the Admissions Office to the parent. The following placement assessments will be administered:

Placement Assessments Programmes
S. No. Description PYP MYP DP
1 English  
2 Mathematics  
3 General Intelligence  
4 Essays & Short Responses    
5 Language Acquisition*  

*Language Acquisition placements tests are administered after admission to ascertain the proficiency of the candidate in the subject.

Stage III: Interview

The placement assessments, the Admissions Committee will conduct formal interviews with both the parents as well as the applicant.

Interviews Programmes
S. No. Description PYP MYP DP
1 Parent’s Interview
2 Candidate’s Interview

Stage IV: Decision of the Admissions Committee

The Admissions Committee will evaluate the student and make a decision on grade placement with the best interest of the student in mind. This will be determined by the age appropriate level, previous academic records, recommendations, placement assessments and the interview. This decision will be communicated to the applicant immediately after the interview.

Upon approval of the Admissions Committee, a letter of offer from the Registrar will be received by the applicant. A welcome package and a tuition invoice that outlines all the associated costs of enrolment, will accompany this letter. Accepted offers will require the applicant to complete payment of the invoice within five working days.

Stage V: Further Evaluation

If it is determined that there is insufficient evidence to make a firm decision, applicants will receive a written notification from the Admissions Office outlining the additional information required, as well as an expected timeline for the completion of the process. This may involve additional interviews or evaluation with our school specialists, or contact with the applicant’s previous school.

Stage VI: Fee Structure

The application fee is payable after stage IV. In the case of a positive decision by the Admissions Committee, an admission’s package will be released to the parent. This will include instructions of paying the required admission’s related fees. The payment of this fee will secure the admission of the child and thus bring the admission’s process to an end. Complete payment of the invoice must take place within one week.

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Fees Programmes
S. No. Description PYP MYP DP
1 Application fee (non-refundable)
2 Admissions related fees (refer to current fee structure)